Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I'm not sure how you ended up here... Maybe you stumbled across my blog or you did a search for me. You might know me as bensharkey the youtube singer. Well, when I'm not singing or working... sometimes I like to just chillax a bit and write down my thoughts. Although, in the past, I haven't been very consistent in doing this. I started a blog on myspace and have a few posts there but I hardly go on myspace anymore so it's hard for me to keep up with writing a blog.

What do I want to get accomplished here? Well, that's a good question. I guess writing down thoughts is a good way to separate one's self from his/her life and look at things from a different perspective. I've always believed that writing is another form of expression and it's a good way to let things out without bottling things up. Plus, there are things that I would like to share with readers and other bloggers.


  1. Found your blog via YouTube, just wanted to say you have such a great voice and you can play the guitar better than I can ;-)

  2. Ben,

    I don't speak english but... Então vou falar em meu idioma. Sou brasileiro, e simplesmente adoro sua música, seu som. Talvez este comentário não tenha nenhum significado para voce mas para mim é muito importante está te falando o quanto eu gosto de sua música! Congratulations e gostaria muito de saber que vc leu o meu comentário e que gostou.

    your brazilian fan!!!


    VISITE O BRASIL!!!!!!!!

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  6. Hi! My name is Alexandra, Ale...and mi english is not so good, but I want to tell you: congratulations! You are very profesional, very clean, your blog, your pictures, well done! And your voice is very beautifull.
    I found your face and your voice on youtube, looking for something about Bublé. I think that my opinion is important, because this and all the opinions will provide you strength to continue with your work .
    Greetings from Chile, my land.



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