Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Funny Valentine - Ben Sharkey

I haven't really posted anything in a while. I've been pretty busy with work and music outside of youtube. On October 11th I had a show at Cliff Bell's in Detroit, Michigan. The proceeds of the event went to the Suite Dreams project which benefits children of serious illness. I have the footage from the event but but it may take a little while to edit the video from the two cameras and the audio together.

Anyway this video "my funny valentine" was taken at my bassists house the night before a gig that we did at someone's house. It was a surprize birthday and the night was a lot of fun!

I have another gig coming up on November 21st at Crave Lounge in Dearborn, Michigan. Crave is celebrating their 5th year being open with live jazz, Dj Matt A to and guest DJ John Grammatis (Chicago) Percussions by Danny Shamoun. Should be a fun night! Lola and I are sharing two sets with a few duets, it will be an interesting fusion!

There a few more things on the horizon, I'm working on booking more gigs locally and looking to broaden the scope a bit by hopefully venturing off to chicago then who knows what's next... maybe New York? L.A. and Toronto? Then over seas? :,P I don't know how successful those visits will be without an album out, so I'm slowly putting things together for that aswell. I'm also working with a few producers on some special projects so be on the lookout for some stuff you may not expect from me. :,)

Stay tuned!!!

Peace and Love,



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