Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Funny Valentine - Ben Sharkey

I haven't really posted anything in a while. I've been pretty busy with work and music outside of youtube. On October 11th I had a show at Cliff Bell's in Detroit, Michigan. The proceeds of the event went to the Suite Dreams project which benefits children of serious illness. I have the footage from the event but but it may take a little while to edit the video from the two cameras and the audio together.

Anyway this video "my funny valentine" was taken at my bassists house the night before a gig that we did at someone's house. It was a surprize birthday and the night was a lot of fun!

I have another gig coming up on November 21st at Crave Lounge in Dearborn, Michigan. Crave is celebrating their 5th year being open with live jazz, Dj Matt A to and guest DJ John Grammatis (Chicago) Percussions by Danny Shamoun. Should be a fun night! Lola and I are sharing two sets with a few duets, it will be an interesting fusion!

There a few more things on the horizon, I'm working on booking more gigs locally and looking to broaden the scope a bit by hopefully venturing off to chicago then who knows what's next... maybe New York? L.A. and Toronto? Then over seas? :,P I don't know how successful those visits will be without an album out, so I'm slowly putting things together for that aswell. I'm also working with a few producers on some special projects so be on the lookout for some stuff you may not expect from me. :,)

Stay tuned!!!

Peace and Love,



  1. Good luck !I know you can do everything you want. You star shines more and more ...

  2. You have an amazing voice. Let me know if you're ever in Atlanta. I'd definitely come to your concert!

  3. Good luck with the music, its so cool you have a blog too. I have one but I'm thinking of going self hosted and also going to blogher this year
    so yeah come check out my blog thanks. love the apartment by the way.

  4. Ben, I've been a fan since you started out with "Vote for me" links on your videos on youtube! :) It's great to hear of the progress you're making. Keep up with the artwork. All facets of creativity are embraced! You're so talented and let all us diehard fans know the moment you get a record deal and can expect an album! :) Good luck!!!



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