Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Detroit River Days

Alright so I was thinking about what topic might be interesting to cover. I'm afraid that I might bore some people. However blogs aren't really for those who are easily bored now are they? :,)

So I am going to be performing at the Detroit Fireworks Celebration. The auditions were a couple months ago.....

Not sure of the date but it was really rainy outside. I took the afternoon off at my job to go to the audtition. I practiced all the way there in the car, as I usually do. I usually have high expectations of how these things will be. I knew that it was going to be in a mall so I pictured the auditions being on a stage which was exciting for me. I really like singing for a crowd, I don't know why but I just perform better that way. Well those expectations were really high, because when I got there, it was really kinda funny. So there were two audition areas, which were facing each other. While waiting, This guy came up to me and asked "Are you that guy that sings Buble on Youtube? I'm a subscriber!" I said "yes, I'm Ben, nice to meet you." and I wished him luck on his audition. This was cool! It really hits home when someone spots me in public, just cause it seems like the net and reality are two different worlds. They collide when I meet someone that I've only met online. So anyway, back to the audition, I noticed that the louder singers drowned out the quieter ones. So I made sure that when I sang the whole mall would hear me. hehehe! But anyway, I sang "Ain't too proud to beg" by the Temptations. I must have done something right because a few days later, I got a call back.

The Second Audition....

I was called in to come to the news station. I didn't quite know what to expect this time. So I tried not to foresee anything. There were a few people ahead of me, and one behind me. I'm not the type to just sit there waiting. I'm a little shy in front of the camera, but I like entertaining, and making people laugh, so I started joking around with the others. They were cool, but I was mostly focusing on what was going on the other side of those big tall metal doors. So I auditioned with John Legend's "Heaven" and also Michael buble's "Me and Mrs. Jones" By the time I was done, I was really happy with my performance. However, a week or so passed and no call. So I just told myself to forget about it. It wasn't the first time I didn't get a call back. I just figured there might have been someone better or I didn't make the right song choice. My phone rang with an Unknown caller. I normally don't answer these because It's usually blockbuster hounding me. :) To my surprise, it was channel 4!!! I made it to the top 5!!

So ever since then we've been in rehearsal once a week. On Friday is our (the top 5) first performance, Parts of it might be televised which would be nice to see, although I don't know if I'll be put on or not. But I'm really excited / nervous / anxious for Monday.

Alright so now you're up to date with the Detroit River Days Performances, I'll try and post a video of the performance by Tuesday.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Ben!

    Very good your First Blogger Blog ... hehehe

    Kisses my Dear

    Have a wonderful day!
    Ciao Bello


  2. I've never blogged before in my life! I grew up in a paper world :), but I saw you on the fireworks last night and you were great. Also like your youtube performance, especially the jazzy guitar work. Was really impressed with the overall "you". Not only that, I think I used to know your father, but we lost touch. Did he move to Royal Oak from Downtown Detroit? If so, give me your e-mail and I'll give you mine. I can only imagine how proud he is of you. karen

  3. Yeah, my dad used to live in Detroit, and now he lives in Royal Oak. That's really cool! Btw, I'm glad that you liked the performance! It was a lot of fun, hopefully something good comes of it. my email is ttyl

  4. Congrats! Now how about that video?

    Big fan!

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  6. ben?
    you do blog?
    that is something...looking forward to read between the lines,analyse the written words and find some wisdom here and there..
    have a good one,



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