Tuesday, March 10, 2009


All right! well I have a few more followers so I guess that means that I should probably post another blog hmm?

Ok.. so if you're a friend of mine on facebook you might have seen some new pictures. Funny story actually....

One rainy day in February, I checked my youtube messages like I usually do. To be honest, answering mail can be fun and it can also be a bit overwhelming. I can't always respond to short emails that are chit chat like... "Do you IM?" (I wish I had the time but I don't) When I open my mail, I'm hoping for a break like any other artist... someone saying "We at Warner Bros. want to sign you" LOL! Hey, why can't I dream? Well I have gotten a few really cool emails for some good opportunities. One of which was from PhotographybyAverie.com. Avery found me while looking for Michael Buble videos on youtube. Turns out she was coming up to Detroit to hang out with a friend and also trade some tips with another photographer who is based in MI. So she emailed me asking if I'd like a photo shoot.

Youtube is a very interesting place which is made up by very interesting people. You never really know who you can trust and who has other motives. So I checked out her website and she seemed professional so I gave her a call. We confirmed everything and set the date.
I wasn't really sure if it was too good to be true or not. but I hoped for the best.

Things worked out! We shot at various locations throughout Detroit and shot a couple changes in my home. She was very fun and it was cool to hang out with another artist. I took her to some of my favorite spots around the city. If you know me, you'll know that I am an advocate for the city of Detroit and don't want anybody to come here and leave thinking that Detroit is as dark and gloomy as the roomers state. I think she left with a good impression.

The pictures: I haven't gotten all of them yet, but every time I get one I get all excited about it. She's actually really really good. I'd love to just post them all as I receive them. But I think I'm going to hold out a bit. I'd like to save them for some promotional stuff like maybe a FULL CD! ha ha! (That's another Blog)

That's it for now.. gotta get back to work. I hope everyone is well!

Much Love,



  1. heey! Your voice is amazing!!!
    when I first saw your videos on youtube I really tought it was michael singing! o.O
    it was weird in a good way!
    You definately have a future in music.
    Why don't you subcribe to american idol or something like that?
    don't "sit and wait" for the rest of your life! you must do something to show your voice to the rest of the world, honey!
    you are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!



    best wishes, Nina

    (my messenger in case u want to)

  2. Hi Ben,

    I hope you don't mind my contacting you. I was wondering if you have an actual recording of you singing Me and Mrs Jones at all?

    It's just that I'm getting married in August and I'm going to be Mrs Jones. I'd love Me and Mrs Jones played as we walk back up the aisle and of all the versions I've heard, yours is my favourite.

    I'd love your permission to play it and also to have a version that will play clearly on the day (the husband-to-be says that pinching it from Youtube won't sound too good!)

    Of course if you fancy a trip to the UK this summer we'd be more than happy for you to just pop along and sing it live!! ;)

    I really hope you don't mind my asking.

    Many thanks


  3. Awww. In that pic it looks like you're hoping you've not been stood up.

    I found you on a Buble Youtube search too. You've an amazing voice and terrific stage presence. Keep with it!

  4. great songs dude!

    i'm from the philippines and i happened to stumble upon your song when i was listening to buble clips. i was curious and thank God for my curiousity.

    uhm,i don't know what else to say. i've subscribed to your youtube account and i guess i'll just follow your updates from there.
    also, your originals are great as well. you've jumped genres actually. so that's an edge you've got!

    by the way, the pictures are awesome!

    hope to see more of your vids.


  5. Hey guy,I saw you for first time today and I have to say: you are wonderful! I'm brazilian and I love american music. Your voice is amazing, I falled in love ... I could stay here, hearing you forever. Baby, you're the best!!! Congratulations, now you have one more fan !!!!

  6. Oh, I almost forget! Me and Mrs Jones is my favorite song and untill now, Michael Buble was my favorite singer... but after to hear your voice, I say without regrets, your my favorite ! God bless Youtube !!!

  7. You should see your blog more times ... and I`m waiting for you on mine ...

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idML-8AiMvo

  9. hello!

    i'm from Poland and while I was listening to Michael Buble's songs I see you.

    i'm really impressed! you are great! 'actually' is my new favourite song.

    i hope i'll see you in Poland.
    (i believe you understand my English)

    good luck and see you soon.



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